Jeanie is Going to Africa



I am excited to announce that after several years of ministering in the U.S. the Lord is sending me back into the mission field in South Africa with Danny Styene, who is affiliated with Iris Ministries. I am an Alumni graduate of Iris Ministries Mission School.

I am honored to have been asked by Danny Styene to be a part of his team to Nelspruit, South Africa. Danny’s team will be ministering in South Africa to the locals in the bush areas, churches, and orphanages.

I believe that I will be stepping more into the calling the Lord has on my life to go to the nations and release His Kingdom. My life is so full of love and I want to pour it out to the nations and here at home in the U.S. I want to learn and grow more from the cultures and the peoples, so this is a great opportunity to do just that.

Danny Styene is a true father in the faith and is one I look forward to knowing, learning, and growing from.

We will leave for South Africa June 8th however I will stay there for three months and serve in South Africa with the ministry that is affiliated with Iris ministries called, “Footprints.” I will serve and love on the orphans, babies, and widows, and will also preach the gospel as the doors continue to open in South Africa. My friend Shannon will join me for two weeks. I will return home Sept 6th.

Tickets cost approximately $2111.21 Roundtrip (Leaving from SF to Johannesburg, South Africa.)

Accommodations: The team will be staying on the Iris Ministries base Footprints and meals will be provided there also. Then from there, I will continue the rest of my journey at the Footprints base for the remainder of my stay unless the Lord decides to send me to another Iris base.

We will need travel insurance: Approximately $125 – 140. Travel insurance is needed for this trip.

Financing needed for the whole mission trip is $ 2,700.00 for visas, luggage, etc. I really want to raise funds for the ministry to take with me to give to them, so please, this is great ground to sow into. I know the Lord can do all this in a short time.

The Deadline for purchase of Airfare tickets is May 16, 2014

If you would like to sow into this and be a part of releasing the Lord’s love and His Kingdom, please partner with me. You truly will be sowing into good ground. If you would like to sow, please send all checks to Vertical Call Church and be sure to write, “Jeanie Griggs” on the noted area of the checks.

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You can also donate on the donation page of my website


Danny Styene

Thanks so much,

Jeanie Griggs